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FAQ and Ts & Cs

Common Questions


Q) How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A) If we have the item in stock (in Adelaide), it should take 2-3 days to capital cities. 3-6 days to regional areas. These are estimates based on our experiences. If we don't have it in stock, it can take up to a week to get devices in from the US. Call us to discuss availability.

Q) How is freight calculated?

A) We factor freight into the prices that you see on the website/shop. So no need to worry about it.

Q) Which couriers does AGIX use?

A) We use Australia Post. We require a signature on delivery to ensure the package has been received.

Q) Where does AGIX deliver products to?

A) AGIX delivers products to Australian addresses only.If you're outside the country, contact us for options.



Q) What is the return policy?

A) If the device is faulty, or you change your mind without opening the package, call us to organise the return. We ask that you cover the return post. However, if you simply change your mind or lack the technical understanding of the device, please call us and we might be able to help. Otherwise, changing of minds is not included in our return policy. But again, call us before the purchase and we'll answer your questions.


Software & Licenses

While things can change and vendors can do whatever they want, we've tried to keep this as accurate as possible. If the information here is in doubt, please contact the vendor or call us to discuss the matter.

Q) Do devices come with all the necessary licenses?

A) Netgate appliances come with everything you need in terms of licenses. However, you can extend their functionality with add-ons such as Snort and pfBlocker-NG. Such add-ons do require additional licenses but those licenses are free. Ubiquity do not require any additional licenses. Synology has some add-ons that may require licensees such as antivirus add-ons, but in our experience (in a typical production environment) no add-on license are required.


Sales and Support

Q) Do I get a warranty?

A) Yes, we're an Australian company and we play by the rules.

Q) Which countries and states does AGIX sell to?

A) All states within Australia. Outside Australia? Call us to discuss options.

Q) Does AGIX provide support?

A) Yes, AGIX is a Cybersecurity company so our expertise is mostly in that space. However, we're technicians and use the products/brands that we sell. We have practical experience and a wealth of information and knowledge to share in our effort to support you. Our support is a service and we charge an hourly rate for our services. Please call for a quite.