For firewall appliances of any kind, there's always questions about compatibility, capability and features. We try to keep this page up-to-date with common questions.

If you don't find the answers here, contact us at sales@agix.com.au


Common Questions


Q) How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A) If the product is in stock with AGIX, it will be sent on the same day of the order if paid before before 2:pm. If the product is not in stock, the product will be ordered from Netgate in the US on the same day as the payment was made. The product usually arrives in Australia within 6 days and delivery within Australia is usually next day. We appreciate your patience and understanding that AGIX doesn't control the freight process. We do our best to get products to you as soon as possible.

Q) How is freight calculated?

A) Freight is factored into the price of each product. Freight is not added on later. There is an automatic discount applied when two or more products are purchased at the same time exceeding $1,000 AU in total.

Q) Which couriers does AGIX use?

A) We use Australia Post. We require a signature on delivery to ensure the package has been received.

Q) Where does AGIX deliver products to?

A) AGIX delivers products to Australian addresses only.If you're outside the country, contact us for options.


Hardware & Virtual

Q) Do Netgate appliances support High Availability (HA)?

A) Yes, any two of the same model can be configured in a Hot/Cold HA configuration. However, it's recommended to use models with sufficient available network ports as HA requires additional connectivity between devices and switches.

Q) Which products are suitable for which situations?

A) White models are for home and site offices. Black models are for head office and data centers. Ideally you'd have one or more black models in a central location, and remote sites (with white models) would VPN to the black models. However, if your remote sites have more than 10 people, consider black models for those locations too.

Q) Which models have support for AES-NI?

A) AES-NI improves cryptographic tasks such as those used with VPNs. The 6100 model and higher support this feature.

Q) Can I run pfSense in the cloud?

A) Yes. Various cloud services such as Amazon AWS support this.


Software & Licenses

Q) Are licenses required for any features?

A) Out of the box, there are no licenses required to be purchased. Most add-ons don't require any paid licenses. Some add-ons require a free license (such as Snort and pfBlocker-NG). OpenVPN and IPSec do not require a license.

Q) Does OpenVPN require client-side software?

A) Yes but it's free and can be downloaded from the appliance. However, you can purchase 3rd party OpenVPN client software such as Viscosity which does require a paid license.



Q) Do I get a warranty?

A) Yes, we're an Australian company and we play by the rules.

Q) Which countries and states does AGIX sell Netgate appliances to?

A) All states within Australia. We don't sell overseas.

Q) What payment methods are accepted?

A) All that you see on this site in addition to invoices. If you cannot pay by the online options, contact our sales team to organise a bank transfer. sales@agix.com.au

Q) Where do the products get sent from?

A) AGIX orders the items from Netgate in the United States. They're delivered to AGIX. AGIX then ships the items from Adelaide, South Australia.


AGIX & Infos3c

Q) Who is AGIX?

A) AGIX is a Linux and open-source Cybersecurity focused business. AGIX is partners with various vendors including Netgate.

Q) What does AGIX have to do with Netgate?

A) AGIX is a Netgate partner. That allows AGIX to sell and support Netgate products.

Q) Who or what is Infos3c?

A) AGIX is the business name. Infos3c is a business unit (of AGIX) focused on Cybersecurity matters. Essentially they're two names for the same company.


Netgate & pfSense

Q) What is pfSense?

A) pfSense is a software suite built on FreeBSD. It provides firewall and routing features comparable with any enterprise-grade equivalent. It's managed using a web-interface and supports a wide variety of hardware and virtual appliances.

Q) Who is Netgate?

A) Netgate is a US based company. They primarily deal with firewall and routing appliances, both virtual and physical.

Q) What does Netgate have to do with pfSense

A) Netgate has the rights to sell (direct or through partners like AGIX) appliances running pfSense. Netgate provide hardware, software, support and actively engages in community discussions.